Blizzcon Badges, 2016!

Hey Everyone! I am now accepting Blizzcon Badge requests for Blizzcon 2016! I love painting these little badges. After a really exciting year last year I decided to do more this year! Badges are $62.20 + shipping USD via Paypal, payment up-front. I will email all applicants,…

Blizzcon Badge Commissions!


Hey folks! I am doing a last-minute set of Blizzcon Badges to fund my trip! Check out the sample below. These will be delivered at the Con in my hot little hands. I have limited availability for these, so let me know quick! Charging $60usd…

Finished! Stormcast Battle Illustration


  An Illustration I did for Mick Montgomery’s Stormcast Podcast about Heroes of the Storm, the wonderful Blizzard game. Decided to emulate the style used in the old warcraft manuals that were done on parchment paper with pen & ink. Digital. Also used a few…


Finished! Super Heroic Logo

Some work for Mick Montgomery’s Super Heroic podcast. Definitely more graphic and less painting, but it turned out well!


The Blind Leads the Blind: Tools

What the hell. Let’s talk about Tools. Gather behind your vision-impaired leader, miscreants! Author’s Note:: This is a long one. TL;DR? Hopefully someone reads it. Skim forward to the parts you are most interested in, if you want. I’ve heard from a number of professional…

Sad Alien

First Stroke

Beginning things can be difficult. Everyone struggles with both the desire to do something new and the fear of doing it wrong. At the end of the day, I finally managed to force myself to try something new. That doesn’t guarantee that it will be a…